Manager Stephanie


Our Manager Stephanie brings with her a broad experience of care home settings. She has worked both in Australia and the UK gaining excellent nursing experience. She is a good communicator, leads by example and is excited to work with our teams to get us to an outstanding level. She is very approachable and you will always find a smile on her face, compassion and kindness are the most important things to Stephanie in order to offer the highest standards.

Dementia Care East Surrey

Our hand picked team of staff provides both Alzheimer`s and Dementia care for our residents and are devoted to their needs 24 hours a day.

Great food & Activities

Our chefs prepare a selection of delicious and highly nutritious home cooked dishes and we have many different activities spaced throughout the week

Long & Short Term Care

We have three comfortably furnished, spacious lounge areas where residents meet to chat, relax, watch television and participate in activities.

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